sfmm-33 The Green Hornet in pain(Gm Wang vs. Liu Song)

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(Full 32 minutes)

The Green Hornet (Wang Shuai) is the embodiment of justice in the city, and one day he discovered the evil doctor (Liu Song) in the city.

So he immediately arrived at the scene, wanting to use his superb skills to defeat the evil doctor and maintain the stability of the city.

The Green Hornet used his superb martial arts skills to torture the Evil Doctor to the point where he was completely exhausted.

Although the Evil Doctor also knew martial arts, he was still defeated in the fight.

However, Doctor Evil is not a good person either. He has mastered the weaknesses of the Green Hornet and released the prepared poison gas.

causing the Green Hornet to lose its combat ability.

Subsequently, the doctor took out a towel and dipped it in a medication that could make the Green Hornet completely unconscious.

The Green Hornet was picked up and taken away by the thugs, and taken to the Chamber of Secrets for imprisonment.

The Green Hornet suddenly woke up, but was powerless to resist.

The evil doctor knew that Green Hornet's weakness lay in his neck, so he dealt him a heavy blow on the neck, causing him great pain!

Finally, the Green Hornet was stripped of all his clothes by the Doctor, leaving only his underwear, and then tied up again for another brutal torture......

The plot is intricate, the costumes are rigorous, and the movie level production is highly praised!

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sfmm-33 The Green Hornet in pain(Gm Wang vs. Liu Song)

3 ratings
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